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Going to a Boston Celtics game is something everyone should do at least once a year.  I try to see the Celtics a handful of times a year.  This is my TD Garden, Boston Celtics, experience from last season.

The best place to park for a Boston Celtics game, is the Government Center Parking Garage.  It takes me about thirty five minutes to get there from my house.  During my commute, I start to think of everything I am going to see and do prior to my Celtics game.

Boston Beer Works for a quick cold one, I Love Boston Sports store representatives selling merchandise along the side of the street, the Celtics logo going up the stairs into the station, etc.  Everyone loves the Celtics!

Once you get through Celtics’ security and you’re walking around looking for the appropriate tunnel, you get a slight glimpse of the parquet floor, and all of the banners for both the Celtics and the Bruins hanging up in the rafters.

You instantly feel the history of Boston sports all before you find your seat.  I’ll never forget the first time I met Abby, Kyle, and Scal; a big chunk of Celtics insiders.

Kyle was walking out of the same tunnel that I was walking towards.  I recognized him right off the bat.  He was carrying his backpack that had his credentials all over it, as well.  Before he could turn the other way I said “DRAPES, how’s it going man?”

He could have just walked away and paid no attention to me.  Instead, he approached my girlfriend and I; dapped me up, and took a picture with me.

He told me he really liked my Nightmare on Causeway Street” t-shirt and my girlfriend’s “BWA” hooded sweatshirt.

We shared quick thoughts with each other on the Celtic’s season before he had to make his way across the street to the NBC Sports Boston – Ace Ticket Studio booth.

Kyle Draper and myself during pregame of a Celtics game last season.

Five minutes later, I find myself watching shoot around, near the media tables by the court.  I happen to glance over to my left and I notice Abby Chin, standing by her chair in the reserved media area.

She was standing there looking back and forth from the court to her notes.  I said to myself  “this might be my only chance at meeting Abby… I have to take my shot.”

When I approached her, I said “Hi Abby, my name is Justin, I just met Drapes and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get to do the same with you.”

Again, just like Kyle, she could have totally ignored me and discontinued everything I had just said.

Instead, she says “sure thing” and gives me a quick hug.  Before our photo was taken, she looks at me and says “wow, it feels nice to be the taller one, for once!”

We both laughed as we turned towards my girlfriend so she can take the picture.  Mind you, I am not the tallest person in the world, but she was standing one step higher than me.

After the photo, I thanked her endlessly, and congratulated her on the upcoming birth of her child.

Abby Chin and I during pregame of a Celtics game last season.

My girlfriend and I finally made our way to our seats.  At this point, I am in stardom.  I see these people on TV every day, and talk/interact with them on social media.  Now meeting them in person, this is the best day of my life!

With half time now approaching, I wanted to beat the crowds and grab another beer.  When I got to the tunnel, I come across no one other than Brian Scalabrine.

Again saying to myself “dude, that’s Scal, he’s a member of the Celtics’ 08 championship team and you have to meet him.”

In case you didn’t know, Scal is the life of the party during a home Celtics game, and to get a minute of his time is pretty rare.

So, I make my way towards him and say “dude, I’ve had the night of my life tonight.  I already met Drapes and Abby.  My night wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t meet you as well.”

He responds with “I GOT YOU MAN!” and “NICE SHIRT (Nightmare on Causeway)!”

— Most of Scal’s words are in capital letters because even if you’re sitting right next to him, he talks so loud like it is a scream.—

I just got a new phone, and honestly wasn’t so sure how to get to the camera, so it appeared I was struggling.  I was trying to rush, as Scal has better things to do.

Scal then takes my phone and goes “I’LL DO THIS”.  He held his arm up to what seemed to be about ten feet in the air, and takes a couple selfies of us.

After thanking him, I asked if I could buy him a beer, because that was my intentions during half time, anyways.  He said “I CAN’T, BUT I APPRECIATE THE OFFER, MAN!”

Brian Scalabrine and I during halftime of a Celtics game last season.

Knowing the reporters for the Celtics, and NBC Sports Boston aren’t the most well known or high profile celebrities, like at ESPN…but they are to me.

What makes it even more awesome is that they don’t know how much of a celebrity they are.  They were just as excited to meet me, as I was to meet them.  The Celtics players, also love this media crew.

NBC Sports and the Celtics should be proud to have: Abby Chin, Kyle Draper, and Brian Scalabrine.  Even more so, being confident in them to lead the Boston station with great honesty and professionalism.

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My name is Justin, I'm from Rhode Island, and I'm a HUGE New England sports fan. Sports are important part of my life, which works out well seeing as I follow the greatest sports city in the country!

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Tom Lane July 30, 2019 at 12:16 pm

Love these anecdotal tales of trips to The Garden. Good one.

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