Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tommy Heinsohn is in the photo and should know the origin. I am on another detective mission.

Seeing the photo below for the first time, I did some research on its origin – and fouled out completely. Clint Eastwood with 60’s Celtics Tom Heinsohn, Frank Ramsey and Bob Cousy was too interesting to let go. Anyone have any info, or at least ideas on the photo?


Some may call this off-season filler, but damn it – I am a true fan of all four guys in the photo. Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of “Dirty Harry” Callahan is iconic. We all need some mystery in our lives, but I need to know. Why were these four men assembled? If I am able track it down, you will see it in my article. In the meantime, “Make my day.” If you have info, let us know.

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