Saturday, June 6, 2020

After posting an impressive summer league, Boston Celtics rookie Carsen Edwards is shaping to be a reliable source of energy off the bench this season.  The second round pick secured a 4yr/$4.5M contract at the end of summer league.

At 6’1” tall and 200 pounds, Carsen Edwards is a tricky ball handler who is an electric shooter!  I thought Edwards was going to be selected in the first round of the draft.  With the Boston Celtics having three picks in the first round, I thought the team would’ve locked him up sooner than they did.  After a trade and a few other things that happened on draft night, Edwards was sent to the C’s as the 33rd overall pick in the second round.

Carsen Edwards showed that he can shoot and produce baskets for the Celtics.  Edwards recorded 19.4 points per game this summer, while shooting 46% from deep.  He was shooting from all around the court, and showed that he can be effective shooting off the pass.  The Celtics are a team that has always moved the ball through their guards, and Edwards showed that he can provide that.

I would call Carsen “fearless” with the ball.  He has the skills to create space for himself, as well as plays for his teammates.  Edwards can get going very quickly, and is hard to turn down.  He is efficient in creating space off of contact, mid-play.  The confidence he has in himself is contiguous throughout his teammates; as they’re just as confident in him.

Every team needs a confident shooter on their roster, and I think Carsen Edwards is that guy for the Boston Celtics.  Even though he is going to be running with the second unit for most of his rookie season, it’s still a great feeling to know you have a weapon like Edwards in your arsenal.  Brad Stevens says this about his rookie shooter:

“Carsen has a chance to impact our team early because he can obviously make the tough shots, he’s done a great job of picking the right ones, and he’s done a great job of picking up full and pressuring the ball.”

Although he is undersized in height, Edwards’ strong 200 pound frame allows him to use his body and absorb contact; en route to the hoop, or on the defensive side of the floor.  Edwards will be effective in man and ISO situations on defense.  He is quick and will keep his man in front him.

After putting up a very impressive summer league, Carsen Edwards earned himself an endorsement deal with Adidas.  I think it’s pretty rare for a second round pick to earn an endorsement contract during his NBA Summer League Debut.  But, Carsen Edwards was one of the hottest players in the Summer League, so I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising.

I’ll be very intrigued to see what Edwards brings to the table for the Boston Celtics this season.  If what he showed in summer league has any recollection on the regular season; I think Celtics Nation should be very pleased with who the team has in Carsen Edwards.  I’m thrilled the Celtics were able to land Carsen Edwards; or as Chris Forseburg of NBC Sports Boston calls him, “Arsen” Edwards.

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