Saturday, March 28, 2020

Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics sits downs with former president Bill Clinton and secretary Hillary Clinton, to discuss the issues happening in Turkey.  Kanter also has a gift for the former president.


Since joining the Boston Celtics this summer, Enes Kanter has literally been in the “spotlight” throughout the off season.  Kanter has spent most of his summer traveling the country promoting his free basketball camps.  But when he isn’t working out, he finds time to make appearances and interviews on ESPN, FS1, NBC Sports, CNN, and probably much more.  It’s impressive to see the professionalism that Kanter brings to the Boston Celtics with him.

Kanter has added another stop on what seems to be his never ending summer tour.  The Celtics big man met with Bill and Hillary Clinton last week, and discussed the human rights violations happening in his homeland of Turkey.  Kanter certainly has not been silent about the way he feels about the President Recep Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan; which ultimately has made him banned from Turkey.

Enes Kanter has been trying to use his “platform” to bring notice of the troubles and dangers in Turkey, and to defend his people.  In doing so, President Recep Erdogan has canceled Kanter’s passport, and issued an international warrant for his arrest.  This warrant has prevented Kanter from playing games in Canada against the Toronto Raptors.  Due to being outspoken about the Turkey President, Kanter has brought dangerous circumstances to his family.

The Clinton’s are a super-power married couple who can make almost anything happen.  Anybody with their status could potentially influence any circumstance.  Kanter’s meeting with the Clinton’s shows that he’s reaching out and is asking for some form of help during this tragic time for him and his country.  I don’t think Kanter’s journey to freedom will end with the Clinton’s, as I expect him to be involved with more political figures over time.

Also while with the Clinton’s, Enes Kanter learned that they are “HUGE” fans of the Boston Celtics.  The Celtics big man gifted two custom #11 jerseys for the political figures, and wants to bring them to a game this season.  The amount of positive energy Kanter brings with him is contagious.

I truly could see Kanter becoming more involved with politics.  He has spent years fighting with the Turkey government to give his people the respect they deserve to have.  He is trying to make his world a better place.

With the first preseason game of the season just two weeks away, Enes Kanter is ready to focus and lockdown on the season ahead of him.

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