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Boston Celtics’ Danny Ainge wants to keep Brad Stevens and the coaching staff “happy”.

Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge knows the importance of having the right coach in the NBA.  In fact, he thinks he has the perfect coach for the Celtics in Brad Stevens. Stevens has had many different teams in his six years with the historic franchise.

Brad Stevens has leaded the Celtics to the playoffs in five straight seasons.  Although it hasn’t always looked pretty, Stevens has been very successful as an NBA head coach.  Even with having players like: Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, and Jared Sullinger- to more recent players like, Al Horford, Isaiah Thomas, and Jayson Tatum- Brad Stevens has been through many teams.

In a recent interview, Danny Ainge expresses how important it was for him to make off-season moves that Brad Stevens would be happy about:

“My biggest concern through all of this, I want my coach to be happy coaching and that’s the hardest job.  I’ve been at this business a long time.  It’s… You got to have fun.  You really have to have joy.  That doesn’t mean every minute is going to be happy.  Everybody is going to face adversities and challenges and trials through the course of a season.  But, it still has to be fun.”

It’s safe to say that this 2019 Boston Celtics team is going to set the standard for what they’re trying to accomplish as a team.  It seems that Ainge has put in a lot of work this off-season to make sure his team is “clicking on all cylinders” this season.

“It’s good to go through some adversity, but last year was a little much.”

As the Celtics move forward towards the start of the new season, Ainge thinks he did a good job assembling a squad that his coach will be happy with.

“I think Brad is really excited for the year.  There’s still some uncertainty what’s going to happen.  We have a new group. He really likes the spirit of the team. He likes how many people have come to the off season workouts, much more than we ever have in my 17 years here in Boston. We have a lot more players in the gym. We’d probably have a lot more if we didn’t have six playing in the World Cup.

The 2019 Boston Celtics is built to take off this season; how far they’ll go will be up to them.

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