Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Boston Celtics had a tough start to last year’s training camp due to a domestic incident.

Cast your mind back to this time last year, a fans favourite had played his way into the Boston Celtics roster for the upcoming 2018-19 NBA season. Just weeks out from training camp, news reports started to surface regarding that same player making some terrible decisions which affected a young ladies well being and threatened her safety.

That player was Jabari Bird, the Celtics summer league standout. Bird was eventually moved to Atlanta for a heavily protected pick and cash considerations, it would be shocking if we ever see him back in an NBA jersey again.

Demarcus Cousins did not commit such a heinous act, but he made a mistake which has lead to police intervention. Another blow for a player who seemingly cannot catch a break at the moment, following another ACL injury sustained just a few weeks ago. His stock has somehow managed to find a trap-door in the floor and fall through it.

Just 6 week’s ago there was talk of the Boston Celtics showing interest in bringing Cousins to the team, with the hope he would be able to fill the gaping hole left behind by Al Horford. While it split opinion amongst fans on Twitter, it seems the team made the correct call for multiple reasons. Having a player caught up in a domestic incident for the second year in a row would have sent ripples through the locker rooms already fragile feng-shui.

It was clear this year Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens placed huge importance on player character, which is most likely why Cousins ended up in LA instead of Boston in the first place. But it’s the lessons learn from last year which have kept Boston in good stead moving into training camp this year, which already places them on better footing than last year moving into the new season.

Side note  – This article is based soley off report’s found in the general media, we do not claim to have information regarding either of the above mentioned incidents that have not been made available to the public already. More information can be found here 



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