Sunday, May 31, 2020

Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter, joins Chris Carter and Nick Wright on FS1’s “First Things First”.

Enes Kanter has been a very busy man during the 2019 off-season.  Since joining the Boston Celtics, Kanter has been running free basketball camps throughout the country, and making public appearances in various areas.  Today was no different, as Kanter joined “First Thins First” on FS1.

Many people may not know that Kemba Walker did some recruiting for the Celtics.  The Celtics needed a dominant center out of free agency, and relied on the new acquisition of Walker to reel in big name free agents.

Host’s Chris Carter and Nick Wright asked Kanter why he decided to choose the Boston Celtics in free agency.  Kanter went on to say that Kemba Walker had a lot to do with his decision.  Kanter even goes on to say:

“I’ll choose Kemba Walker over Kyrie Irving any day.”

In the same sitting, Kanter said that Russell Westbrook is the best teammate he has had, off the court.  That is some pretty high praise to receive as a teammate.  Many people have a negative image of Westbrook, but it mostly is just his determination throughout the course of a season, that can make people turn their head the other way.  Westbrook was forced to do a lot on  his own in Oklahoma City.  That alone can put a toll on your attitude and the way you are perceived.

Kanter also notices the way the NBA is changing and the need to improve his shooting abilities.  The Celtics big man has definitely done a lot of talking this summer.  I hope he can back his words up, and stay consistent on the court.

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