Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Boston Celtics and Enes Kanter know the impact in today’s NBA when a center can shoot the 3’s. Kanter want’s to improve his shooting and evolve with the game.

There have been some questions floating around in regards to the Boston Celtics center/big man situation.  At one point, the team didn’t have an answer for that question.  The Celtics are heading into training camp with five centers on their training camp roster.  To keep up with a competitive Eastern Conference, the C’s needed to bring in some big muscle.  The pick up of Enes Kanter should provide that for the team moving forward.

Even though the contract (2yr/10M) may be relatively “small” to some people, the signing all in all was huge.  The acquisition of Kanter gave the Celtics a big man with attitude and dominance; to accompany Marcus Smart’s passionate energy on the floor.  The team isn’t expecting Kanter to be a spot-up 3 point shooting big man, but Kanter has addressed that he wants to work on his shooting to evolve with the game.

“I’m still a banger and back to the basket player who rebounds and sets screens and everything. But as the league changes a lot, you’ve got to be able to change with the league. So I’ve been working on my shot since the playoffs was over.” – Per Jared Weiss

When the team first signed their new free agents Enes Kanter and Kemba Walker, media day got pretty wild for the Celtics. We learned a little more about Kemba and his goals as a player in the NBA and with the Boston Celtics.  We also got some laughs from Enes Kanter when he said the ole “I want to be the reason nobody wears #11.”  But there was also something else that was said behind the heads of most people.

“At media day, Danny Ainge leaned over to me and Kemba and said, ‘You know, that 3-point line ain’t just for decoration.’”

Over the years, the Celtics have had a handful of their big men shoot, some include: Kelly Olynyk, Al Horford, Aaron Baynes, and even Daniel Theis.  The Celtics definitely have enough shooters surrounding Kanter, so he won’t necessarily be relied on to be lights out from behind the arc, but improving the skill certainly wouldn’t hurt.

On top of working out in the gym, Kanter has also been getting some shots up during his free basketball camps this summer.

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