Wednesday, March 25, 2020

If you thought Rob Gronkowski was going to join the WWE after retiring from the NFL, then you would be wrong.  Gronk joined CBDmedic after his playing days; a company that makes CBD products to help with pain relief.  Although there still is an athlete from Boston who joined the WWE, it just wasn’t Gronk.  Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics took part in Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden.

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter, made an appearance on Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden; a place he used to call home as a member of the New York Knicks.  There was a chance he thought he would receive a warm welcome, but that was not the case for Celtics big man.  Instead, he was greeted with boos from just about everyone.

Kanter steps up over the ropes and into the ring, while wearing an all blue sweat-suit that could represent the Knicks.  While he’s being introduced, one of his “friends” R-Truth comes jumping down the ramp and into the ring as well, to eventually hug and greet Kanter.  R-Truth gets on the microphone and tells the MSG crowd that they need to show some love to the former New York Knick.

During his little rant, Kanter grabs the face of R-Truth and shoves him into the mat of the ring.  It seemed totally unexpected.  Kanter then pins R-Truth and took his WWE 24/7 Championship Belt.  The 24/7 championship belt is a little different than most of the “belts” in the WWE.  The belt can be defended and taken anywhere, 24/7.  So I guess the Boston Celtics big man took his shot.

After “winning” the title, Enes walked around the ring gloating, holding up his championship belt.  After a few moments went by, Kanter unzipped his New York Knick looking sweatshirt, to his Kelly-Green Boston Celtics jersey.  That was a moment that stunned the MSG crowd, and me.  Kanter certainly looked like he was enjoying himself though!

Now that the FIBA World Cup is complete for Team USA, the Boston Celtics will be getting a big portion of their team back.  After Kanter’s little charade on Monday night, I’m sure the team will be thrilled he returned back unharmed.  Although, Kanter did say he should go back into the ring at some point.

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