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After consulting with the Twitter world, I came up with five things that Boston Celtics fans are ready to see this season.

After an early playoff exit, locker room drama, trade rumors, and draft season, it’s safe to say that Boston Celtics fans are eager to get this season started!  The countdown is on my phone and twitter is lighting up with all kinds of NBA chatter.  That brought me to ask you, my fellow Celtics fans, what are you hoping to see in this ’19-’20 season? I loved and agreed with every response, and these top five things were nearly unanimous with every Celtics fan.

1: Chemistry

Many of us are still shell shocked from last year’s locker room and court side drama, that we all want our guys to ace “chemistry class” this year. Can this happen?  I believe so.  I love the camaraderie that I already see with the fantastic four on Team USA. The bonding that’s taking place between Kemba, Marcus, Jaylen and Jayson is a great building block to start the process.

In addition to “Team Shamrock”, Danny Ainge has picked us some really great rookies in the draft.  All of which are pumped to play for this great organization, and will only add another block to the path of unity. I feel a lot of the bad vibes have exited the building during the trade season, and has left room for team work and team bonding we desperately want to see.  I am very confident Boston Celtics fans, that last year was a fluke. I expect to see a team that loves the game and loves playing it together.

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2: The Return of Gordon Hayward

Fans are ready to see the All Star Gordon we acquired from Utah two years ago.  I am of the believe we are going to see him emerge this season.  Hayward deserved our patience last year after returning from his gruesome injury. He may have been ready to go physically, but mentally he was not. He shared about his struggles with that in his personal blog.

Fans, he’s had all last season and the off season to get into his rhythm.  His confidence has no where to go but up.  I do think inserting him into the starting 5 at some point would be better for him, but I’ll leave that up to Brad to decide.  Expectations are high and it’s imperative for him to make his mark before free agent season; which I’m sure he’s well aware of.  Let’s give him nothing but support and love this year Celtics fans, and who knows, maybe he’ll be returning to the All Star game!

3: The “Jays” Break-Out Season

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have seem to be an NBA collective pair, which to me is a disservice to them both. Each bring unique talents and aspects to the game.  It’s obviously very import for Jaylen to excel and showcase his talents as he will be a restricted free agent at the end of this season.  Jaylen is hard-working, giving all he’s got, but consistency is a must for Brown to have an impactful year. I hope to see him fore defensively alert and consistently making shots.  While his dunks, when made, are a thing of beauty, I prefer accuracy over art.

Jayson has had the spot light on him since being drafted #3 overall to the Boston Celtics in 2017.  Being compared to Paul Pierce, a stunning rookie year and now out of Kyrie’s shadow, the press is on him to excel.  I believe he is one of the greatest assets we have and am looking for more a consistent three point shot and a lot less of those faced mid-range lead balloons.  While Jayson does have one more year before he’s a restricted free agent, he needs to solidify his place not only on the Boston Celtics, but as an NBA super-power we know he can be.

4: Resurgence of Brad Stevens

In my mind, Brad Stevens has one of the most brilliant coaching minds in the NBA today.  Unfortunately last year, it felt as though that brilliance had been stomped out and unable to shine.  I’m confident that with so many of the egos dispersed and coachable players left, we are going to see the genius art work of Brad’s clipboard again.

We are all ready to hold our breath as coach Stevens takes his last time out with .4 seconds on the clock, down by 2, players encircling him and the marker feverishly drawing up the winning play. In-bound pass to Smart – to Hayward – to Jayson – to Kemba – shoot  – buzzer – Gino time!!!!!  Fans, get ready the master is once again allowed to do his job!

5: The Kemba Effect

Naturally every fan is eager to see what Kemba Walker is going to bring on the court and in the locker room.  After last season, we have such a sour taste in our moths for starting point guards, however, I feel like Kemba is going to be a refreshing drink of cool water to all of us in Celtics Nation.  He has already embraced the great city of Boston, the fans and fellow teammates.  He was outstanding in Charlotte with mediocre role players.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll do playing with guys like Hayward, Smart and Tatum.  To sum it up, expect great things from #8!

Overall, I have high expectations for our guys, as any Celtics fan should.  After all, if we’re not shooting for the next banner, what are we playing for?  I would love to see (and secretly expecting) an Eastern Conference title, but I will settle for a toxic-free locker room, smiling bench and a loud TD Garden!

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