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Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics knows the path to recovering from an injury is a struggle. When the news came out about Andrew Luck, Hayward said “I know where he’s coming from.”

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward knows what it’s like to be injured and out for the season.  Hayward is entering his second season since suffering a gruesome ankle injury during his debut for the Boston Celtics.  An injury like the one Hayward suffered will make any person reevaluate their life and decisions.

Hayward opened up about how difficult the recovery process can be after an injury; both physically and mentally.  Physically, your bone heals and through physical therapy you regain strength and confidence in yourself.  Mentally, it’s more of a challenge because you’re constantly fighting with yourself.

One part of you is saying “everything is going to be fine”, while another part is saying “don’t put yourself back in the same position”.  Part of Hayward’s path to recovery was seeing a mental health councilor along the way.

“I think physically, I’ve been pretty good for a while.  Mentally, it’s been a challenge.  I just had a lot of time on my hands, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing myself mentally.  I think that’s been the toughest hurdle.  I’ve never been the type of person to go and necessarily do that on my own, but I think with the nature of everything that happened, it was good.”

Hayward, being a native of Indianapolis, is a fan of the Colts and Andrew Luck.  Hayward had some words about the somewhat shocking retirement of Andrew Luck.

“I was pretty shocked like everyone else.  But at the same time, I definitely know where he’s coming from.  I know how that whole situation feels.  It sucks, you feel isolated.  It feels like a job because you’re not getting to do the fun parts of it.  And you always have the ‘what if I’m not the same player?’ thoughts.  You have to bottle that and just focus on the present.  I understand exactly where he is coming from.” Per Kurt Helin, NBC Sports.

Due to health risks, more and more professional athletes are retiring at a younger age than ever before.  Andrew Luck was only 29 years old and 6 years into his NFL career before retiring.  It just goes to show you that there is more to sports than just being a physical specimen.

Here’s a list of the injuries Luck has suffered since entering the NFL:

-2015: Sprained shoulder, lacerated kidneys

-2016: Frayed labrum

-2017: Shoulder surgery

-2018: Luck returns to play for first time in 585 days

I’m hoping Andrew Luck finds happiness in his life after football, while I hope Gordon Hayward will continue to be the player he was progressing into during the playoffs last season.  Football and basketball are entirely different sports, but the mental aspect of a professional athlete primarily is the same.  Once that is compromised, the athlete is done.

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