Wednesday, March 25, 2020

When an NBA season ends, we typically see players go their separate ways from the team for the off season.  Most professional athletes have houses all over the country, including the city they play for.  Some will want to go home, relax, spend time with their families, or even go on vacations- which is all well deserving.  But for the Boston Celtics, the team has more players staying ‘home’ and getting their off season work at the Auerbach Center in Boston.

Gordon Hayward has a different off season than most of his teammates, as he is still progressing through the ankle injury he suffered two years ago.  Getting back to his normal form after an injury like that seems like a long dark road to travel on.  In August, Hayward said that he was working out with no restrictions.

“I’ve been In Boston all summer.  It was just important for me to stay here and work with the staff.  They kind of knew exactly where I was at after the season and I wanted to build off of that and work with the coaches and get ready for the upcoming year.” -Gordon Hayward

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens pointed out that the team has a lot of players staying in Boston for the off season, and that Gordon Hayward has a lot to do with that.

“In the past, we’ve had a lot of guys all over the country.  This year it seems like more people have Boston a central location for where they want to be, and I think Gordon had a lot to with that.  I think when some of your older guys do that, it sets a good standard for everybody.” –Brad Stevens

Moving forward to the upcoming season, after an off season with “no restrictions”; Gordon has high expectations for himself.  All of Celtics Nation is hoping Hayward has a comeback season.

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