Saturday, June 6, 2020

When the Boston Celtics extended Jaylen Brown, they were doing so based on potential. Boy did Brown have a teachable moment last night.


Foul trouble hurt the Boston Celtics in their season opener, with Brown being the main culprit.

Foul 1

It was 4 minutes into the first half, Brown is defending Al Horford on the strong side low block. Horford begins to move into the paint and Brown follows him digging as they move.

The issue here is Kemba has spotted Horford’s movement and moves into tagging position, Brown has tunnel vision though and continues muscling into him. Too much contact and a clear foul – it was unnecessary had Brown read the play around him.

Foul 2

LITERALLY 3 minutes later, he gives up another foul. Simmons is out in transition and Kemba Walker manages to get in front of him to contest the shot. What does Brown decide to do? He closes out from behind, Simmons reads it and euro steps into Brown to draw the foul.

Lets be clear here, Brown did nothing wrong really, Simmons just used his body correctly. But had Brown delayed that run by a second or so, he would have had a good block opportunity from behind.

Foul 3

2 minutes into the second quarter, Embiid has the ball at the top of the key. Embiid runs a dribble-hand-off with Tobias Harris, and instantly sets a screen on Brown. Brown goes under the screen and plays rear-view defence on Harris.

Harris sells a pump fake which gets Brown off his feet, Harris then goes into shooting motion to draw the foul.

Foul 4

No more than a minute later Brown picks up a foul – which was not a foul – by closing out the paint from the low help line. Brown did move his feet with his opponent in shooting motion though – Tut Tut.

Brown was consigned to the bench for the majority of the quarter following this.

Foul 5

A minute into the 3rd, Embiid shows his acting credentials – i mean this is Oscar winning stuff. What a joke.

Brown is driving the lane and goes up for a layup, elbows slightly flared. Embiid grabs his face and falls to the floor. Brown picks up the foul Embiid gets a role in next years ballet.

It sucks but it’s not the end of the world

Brown is important to this team and its chances of success, that’s why he got the extension. He will learn from this though and becoming savvier for it.

It’s only 1 game guys, lets not write him or the team off yet.




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