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A big question surrounding the Boston Celtics and their fans is if Jaylen Brown has proved his worthiness with the Boston Celtics.  Going into his fourth year with the team, Jaylen is entering the final year of his rookie contract.  Has he done enough to earn himself an extension, or more preferably, a max contract offer from the Celtics?

Coming into this season, the Boston Celtics added depth to their roster, especially through the draft.  Carsen Edwards has show spurts of elite shooting, Grant Williams is a power house, and Tremont Waters is great on both ends of the floor.  How good Romeo Langford will be in the NBA is still unknown.  But if these rookies do progress in the direction Danny Ainge hopes for, does Jaylen Brown become the odd man out?

If you ask the Celtics fans about Jaylen and his contract, they would be teetering on both sides of the fence.  One side of the fence is for giving Jaylen a contract extension, at the least.  The other side of the fence is for using Jaylen up until the trade deadline, in exchange for a better complimentary role player or even a future pick of some sort.

Personally, I think Jaylen Brown is the best role player and athlete on this Celtics team.  But he needs to perform that way, and even more so as a starter.  With the team changing this off-season and Brown expected to be the starting two-guard, he will need to play at the level he did in 2017-2018.  I do not think the Celtics could get a better return on their investment by trading Jaylen Brown.

I think we still cling on the effort we saw out of Jaylen Brown during the 2018 playoffs with Scary Terry.  Knowing last season was a bit of a setback, not only for the team, but for Jaylen Brown; he handled the situation with the upmost professionalism that the Celtics could have asked for.  Brown accepted his new role and rolled with it.

Last season, Brown averaged 13 PPG, 1.4 APG, and 4.2 RPG in 25.9 minutes per game, primarily off of the bench.  Only starting 25 games for the C’s last season, Brown was still able to match his field goal percentage to what he produced in 2018 (.465).  As impressive as that is, is it enough to be a sure “lock-in” for this Celtics team moving forward?

There is no doubt about it that Jaylen is a superb athlete in the NBA.  I think Danny Ainge is going to use the first portion of this season as his reality check of this Celtics team, and plan accordingly from there.  Ainge has been known for always making the moves necessary to benefit the state of the Celtics, both for the present and the future.

It’s been no secret that Jaylen Brown has been a “hot commodity” since entering the league in 2016, and has been the nucleus of trade rumors.  If Danny Ainge finds the right offer for Brown, it’s hard to believe he will hesitate to pull the trigger.

At this point for the Celtics, Jaylen is now part of the core of the Brad Stevens system.  I think we learned with Kyrie Irving that not just any particular all-star can be added to a roster and mesh perfectly with that team.  With that being said, we’re still left wondering what the Celtics should do in regards to Jaylen Brown.

I’m still unsure if Jaylen Brown is a max contract type of player for the Celtics.  I think any team around the league would gladly give him a four year max.  The Celtics love Brown, but they’ll love him more with a team friendly contract.  I guess I’m leaning towards he deserves an extension but not at the player max.  He will make his money and be positioned with a championship contending team.  What more could anyone want?

Jaylen Brown is a great player that could turn any franchise around.  A team with MANY assets that come to mind is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Maybe there is a package to be made that would send Jaylen to OKC in exchange for future picks.

I find it hard to believe that Danny Ainge would send Jaylen anywhere without an immediate return of a player that could help the Celtics for this upcoming season, unless he is that confident in our rookie class.

Jaylen has shown no signs of being unhappy or unneeded here in Boston, but he wouldn’t let it show anyways.  He is the most humble and most intelligent athlete I’ve ever came across.  He loves playing basketball and I really don’t think it matters to him where he is doing it.

We can’t forget that Brown was a key factor in Kemba Walker choosing Boston.  He is also the youngest player on the board of NBAPA.  It says something about the type of person Jaylen is, and that is something that definitely should be valued.

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