Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Boston Celtics stand-out player Jayson Tatum, injured his ankle in Team USA’s 93-92 victory over Turkey.

In the end of Team USA’s victory over Turkey on Tuesday, Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, appeared to have injured his ankle in the final seconds of the game.  In a fast break down the court, Tatum made a pass to Khris Middleton before collapsing into a congested running lane in front of the basket, along with a few other Turkey players.

Definitely a scary moment for the Boston Celtics and fans, as Jayson Tatum had to be carried off the court after the play.  It didn’t appear to be any sort of flagrant or ignorant foul, I think Tatum may have even stumbled upon himself, among other things that made him fall to the ground.

Tatum recorded 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists over 31 minutes of play.  While shooting just 3-11, Tatum was the most productive player for Team USA today.  The pass Tatum made to Middleton prior to getting hurt, set Middleton up for game-winning foul shot attempts.

It was reported by Joe Vardon of The Athletic, that Jayson Tatum was walking under his own power and Tatum said:

“I’m already feeling better.”

Tatum also sent a text message to coach Brad Stevens to let him know that everything was fine.  When asked about Tatum’s injury, Stevens had this to say:

“We’re hopeful it’s nothing major.”

It seems to be unsure how much Tatum will contribute going forward after this minor scare.  Although, Tatum was seen walking around in his shoes and not a walking boot, which is a great sign for the Boston Celtics.

With a win Tuesday over Turkey, Team USA clinched a spot to the second group stage of the tournament.

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