Monday, March 30, 2020

Long time Boston Celtics fan, Bill Simmons, had some harsh remarks towards Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.  Booker made it clear he wanted to workout in the off season through open gym, which Simmons doesn’t appear to be happy about.

Notable sports writer and long time Boston Celtics fan, Bill Simmons, fired many shots towards Devin Booker, who declined to be part of Team USA.  Booker was able to fire back yesterday in a Tweet to Simmons.

Bill Simmons, is a huge advocate in players competing for Team USA and gaining experience playing with other guys throughout the world.  Simmons couldn’t be more excited about the number of Boston Celtics players competing in FIBA World Cup competition.  He seems to think all of the top players in the NBA should be playing for Team USA (if invited).

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker declined being invited to take part in Team USA, before he was even invited.  The sharp shooter’s agent told the director of Team USA, Jerry Colangelo, that Booker was uninterested in joining the team.  Booker’s reasoning behind it all was that he wanted to focus on his upcoming season and workout with teammates during open gym, without a greater chance of injury.

Bill Simmons put out a Tweet in regards to Devin Booker and his off season training; in which he doesn’t seem to be a fan of.

Due to injuries throughout the league and in other sports, we’re seeing players’ doing what they think is best in order to prolong their career.  Booker isn’t the only player to decline playing for Team USA this summer.  But, Devin Booker seems to be the only player that Simmons is mad at.  Other notable players who declined or withdrew include: James Harden, Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon, Bradley Beal and C.J. McCollum, to name a few.

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics finished the game against Turkey with an ankle injury; he suffered late in the final seconds of the game.  Tatum will now miss at least the next two games for Team USA.  When Bill Simmons turned to Twitter to let the world know what happened to Tatum, Booker had something to say of his own.

As previously mentioned Simmons is a Boston Celtics homer and appeared upset that Tatum left the game injured.  The argument could be made that Simmons was upset because Tatum is a player on his favorite team.  In today’s society, it seems like people just take athletes for granted, and think that they’re some type of super-human or something. Booker had every right to fire back at Simmons after the Tweet he put out, and I think Jayson Tatum would agree.

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