Monday, March 30, 2020

After the Summer League had ended, the chatter about the Boston Celtics rookies was blowing up my twitter feed, and I was all aboard the hype train.  I may have been a little more reserved than my fellow leprechauns only because, Summer League is one thing; but playing with the big boys in another.  Regardless, I still felt as though Danny Ainge pulled off another fantastic draft season.

A month or two went by and the chatter died down, until the first preseason game!  If you were anything like me, you were dazzled by the play-making from our new guys.  Following guys like Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart, it would be easy to feel intimidated, nervous and raw. Not our rooks.  Nope, they showed up!  They stepped on the court with the confidence and ability of season veterans, and I for one, cannot wait for the regular season to start.

I want to start out by talking about the performance by Javonte Green.  Aside from looking like he’s played with the Boston Celtics for years, in the 10 minutes he played, he was 7/7 on field goal attempts which resulted in 15 points.  His 4 rebounds and 1 assist also give me hope that he’s going to play both ends of the court very well. I hope to see a lot more of Javonte Green in the regular season.


Carson Edwards was electric!  This young man may be finding himself as a regular role player if he continues to be the offensive stick of dynamite we saw in the first game of the preseason. Barely cracking a smile in the 17 minutes on the court, he made his presence known.  Scoring 11 points, 9 of which came from that 3 point shooting we fell in love with this summer.  I am going into the season hopeful we will see him coming off the bench and giving us the extra security of points on the board with our starters need a rest.

Grant Williams = Marcus Smart, the sequel.  Having Smart on your team is truly a gift from the basketball gods, but to have two players like him, well, the Celtics must have done something really right. Grant’s grit and toughness makes me feel good about inserting Marcus into the starting 5 from time to time.  I know we’ll have someone else with tenacity and heart for our team coming off the bench.  Grant produced 5 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assists in the 18 minutes he was out on the floor.  He’s a fighter for sure.  Not so secretly, I’d love to see a Smart/Grant double team on our former point-guard and see him try to maneuver out of that!  Grant also shows promise of developing into a great 2-way player. I look forward to watching him play, especially as he works on his scoring ability, as well as honing in on his remarkable play-making ability.

I won’t “Blocko Tacko!”  Any article about our rookies would be incomplete without mentioning Tacko Fall.  His presence alone can get the fans up on their feet.  As a Portland area resident, I’m looking forward to seeing him play with the Maine Red Claws this year.  Learning to use every inch of his 7’7″ stature by more playing time can only benefit him and the Boston Celtics in the long run.  I plan on being a regular attendee at the Portland Expo Building cheering this young man on.  As Coach Stevens said, “Everyone wants Tacko!”

I’m a little sad that we were not able to see Romeo Langford play due to injury. I’ve heard great things and have faith that Danny picked us a winner.  I wish Romeo well and a speedy recovery.

All in all, Celtics fans have a reason to look forward to the 82 games soon approaching.  The vets and rooks already appear to have great chemistry amongst each other.  It was so refreshing to see our guys enjoying the game as much as we were this past Sunday.  Here’s to a great season!

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