Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Boston Celtics are taking on the Philadelphia 76ers on the road tonight for their first game of the season.

As all games against the 76ers are pretty heated, this year will be even more intense with former Boston Celtics favorite Al Horford joining forces with the rival.

The C’s have added much more depth to their roster this off season. With a new floor general in Kemba Walker, and a loaded bench, the Boston Celtics should make out pretty well on the offensive end of the court.

Even with the new additions of Enes Kanter and Vincent Poirier, the Celtics still looked to struggle defensively during the preseason.

Daniel Theis adds great size and match-up options throughout the course of a game, and he is the best shooter out of the centers.

Rob Williams is the more appealing starting center in my opinion. The Boston Celtics definitely have plans for Rob Williams to be a part of their success this season; it’s what they drafted him to do.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Celtics can match up with the 76ers big men. Between Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and now Al Horford, the 76ers are able to shoot, score, and win the match-up battle at every level of the court.

It feels like the Celtics are going to have to play a two-big player package more often than they may like this season. But especially tonight against the 76ers where everyone can shoot, everyone can drive, and everyone is big.

I haven’t seen the starting lineups yet for either team, but I’d assume the Celtics are going to start with Walker, Brown, Tatum, Hayward, and R. Williams.

I think Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis come in the game quickly off the bench for more defensive pressures and potential offensive contributions.

It’ll be important to see how Jayson Tatum performs right out of the gate. He said he’s going to be taking more threes and drives to the hoop this season.

This is the first game of the regular season, so let’s see what Brad Stevens comes up with for a rotation tonight.

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