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Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, receives high praise from Derrick Rose, in his autobiography “I’ll Show You”. Rose calls Smart a “true hooper.”

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart is heavily respected throughout the NBA.  Smart plays very strong defense on every possession.  He is both a determined and head-strong type of person, and it shows on the basketball court.  Smart’s pestering defensive antics can antagonize some of the best the NBA has to offer.

Marcus has spent his entire six year NBA career with the Boston Celtics.  Smart was also part of the first Brad Stevens draft as coach of the Boston Celtics.  He has been on some pretty great teams during his time in the league.  From guys like Rajon Rondo, Even Turner, Kelly Olynyk, and Brandon Bass, to today’s team of Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown; Marcus Smart has been part of it all with the Boston Celtics.

From time to time, Marcus Smart will surprise everyone and have an outstanding offensive performance.  I mean, he did make 127 three pointers last season, which is the most in a season from him.  From watching Smart’s offensive struggles the last few seasons, would you believe he is 7th on the Boston Celtics list of all time 3-pointers?

With 447 career three pointers, Marcus Smart is on the verge of moving up in the record books again this season.  Isaiah Thomas sits right above him with 460 made.  Then it opens up by a lot with Avery Bradley (520), Larry Bird (649), Ray Allen (798), Antoine Walker (937), and at the top is Paul Pierce (1,823).

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This isn’t about statistics, I just wanted to let everyone what Marcus Smart brings to the table for the Boston Celtics.  He is the leader, the bulldog, and the heart and soul of the C’s.

Detroit Pistons guard and former MVP Derrick Rose came out with an autobiography called “I’ll show you” and had some high praise for Marcus Smart, saying:

“I always said I’m a hooper, and hoopers can do anything, I feel. It don’t matter. Like, Marcus Smart is a hooper. The analytics would say ‘no way you want him.’ But when you go out there and watch the game, you say, ‘of course I want him on my team.’ He makes shots period. That’s a guy I love playing with.”

As I said earlier, Marcus is heavily respected throughout the league.  But I think receiving a compliment like this, one that is in somebody else’s autobiography, has to mean something special to him.  Maybe Smart’s all around efforts have gone unseen, in terms of All NBA honors, but his fellow NBA teammates are not blinded by his skills.  Most would even say he is the best defensive player in the entire league.

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