Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Boston Celtics showed support for the Connecticut Suns last week by attending their first playoff game since 2012.

In sports, it’s important to have a good comradery with your teammates.  It changes the whole dynamic and moral of a team.  As fans, we have seen more and more athletes and their teammates bond with each other on and off the court/field.  When it comes to the Boston Celtics, I’ve never seen a group of players bond and connect with each other so quickly.  From the rookies to the veterans, it seems like everyone is on the same page.

The Boston Celtics had some representatives in the Mohegan Sun Arena last week.  Tremont Waters, Tacko Fall, Kara Lawson, and Allison Feaster were attending the Connecticut Suns WNBA playoff game together.  Typically we see players attend games with their teammates, not necessarily their coaches or director of player development.

Assistant coach Kara Lawson, and director of player development, Allison Feaster, are both familiar with winning championships.  Lawson won a WNBA championship in ’05 with the Sacramento Monarchs, and Feaster is a two-time Euro League champion.  Lawson also spent three seasons with the Connecticut Suns from 2010-2013.

While at the Connecticut Sun’s first playoff game since 2012, Tacko Fall had yet another moment where he was in the spotlight.  Tacko Fall came to the rescue of a little boy who wanted to shoot the ball in the basket.  Blaze, the mascot of the Connecticut Suns, was struggling to lift a small boy to the basket. Tacko ran over, lifted the boy ten feet off the ground above his head, so the little boy could shoot the ball into the hoop.

Tremont Waters has connections of his own in the state of Connecticut.  Waters is from New Haven Connecticut, which is about an hour away from Mohegan Sun.  After graduating from high school in West Haven CT, Waters went on to play for LSU.  This trip into Connecticut seems like it was nostalgic for both Waters and Lawson.

With the regular season right around the corner, the Boston Celtics still have a lot of decisions to be made in regards to their roster.  Tremont Waters is currently on a two-way contract, and Tacko Fall is on his Exhibit 10 contract.  Fall has a chance to make the final roster spot for the Celtics.  It’ll be an interesting next few weeks for the C’s.

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