Thursday, May 28, 2020

Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall is not part of Senegal’s National team anymore.  The big man decided to leave Senegal to put all of his focus on the Boston Celtics, and his NBA career.

Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall, reportedly was cut from the Senegal National team are found to be untrue.  The 7-foot-7 big man, and the Senegal National Team, decided to mutually part ways as of late last week.  Fall will be returning to the states to put 100% of his energy to improving as an NBA player.

There is no doubt that the physical presence of Tacko Fall on the basketball court is intimidating, to say the least.  Surprising to most that at 7-foot-7 and 310 pounds, Fall has some moves.  I guess when you’re a guy like Tacko, you have to learn to adapt to your own body; it appears he has and is still learning.

Tacko Fall and the Boston Celtics agreed on an Exhibit-10 contract soon after this year’s draft.  The deal gives Fall a great opportunity to become an NBA player, all while he is still learning and developing.  The NBA G League is a great place to for Fall to hone his skills and sharpen his craft.

All signs are leaning towards the big man spending a lot of time with the Maine Red Claws, the NBA G League team affiliated with the Boston Celtics.  By doing this, Fall can earn $50,000 by playing with the Red Claws.  This also gives Fall a few different opportunities to play with the Celtics throughout the season.

International players have become a hot commodity in today’s NBA.  If you were to watch the NBA Summer League, you would see how popular Tacko Fall has become.  Bringing energy to his team and the arena, Fall showcased himself to be an NBA caliber player.

Tacko Fall deciding to leave the Senegal National Team is a tribute to his work ethic.  Fall will put all of his energy and focus towards the Celtics, as he has a goal in mind to make it in the NBA.  Tacko Fall is definitely progressing in the right direction.

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