Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The next time you go to the TD Garden for a Boston Celtics or Bruins game, it’s going to look and feel a lot different.

In November, the TD Garden announced they will be doing a $100M “Legend Transformation” to the arena.  It will include brand new seats throughout the entire arena.  The upgrades will also include a brand new lounge for fans to hangout in during Celtics and Bruins games, the entry way, food and beverage options, and upgrades to the parking garage below the TD Garden.  The idea is to modernize the Garden and enhance the fan experience when attending a Boston Celtics or Bruins game.

The TD Garden will now have more modern seats!  Those yellow seats we’re all used to seeing were installed back in 1995.  Those seats will be replaced with new chairs that will feature black cushions on the back and bottom.  The black color will work well for both Celtics and Bruins games.  This will influence not just the fan experience, but the overall look of the arena.

There has been some work done on Level 9 of the arena.  The Garden will be adding cantilever seating to this part of the arena, to make a new lounge for fans to hangout in during the games.  This lounge will be called Rafters.  Rafters, is what they’re calling the “Boston Garden Society Party Deck”.  Rafters will include 400 seats around the arena.  Giving plenty of fans a chance to experience a game in a new and different way!  President of the TD Garden, Amy Latimer, had this to say about the addition of “Rafters”.

 “When the building opened in 1995, I felt like we were leaders in sort of that premium seating space. We felt like we had the opportunity to reintroduce the Boston Garden Society as Boston’s oldest-newest sports and social club.”

Amy Latimer, continues by saying:

“It’s just more in tune with what the future is for sports viewing for a new generation. This Boston Garden Society is just a better representation of what we are, what we’ve built, and what we’re doing going forward.”

Fans will now be able to walk through the front doors of the TD Garden when they go to games.  The Hub on Causeway Street truly makes your jaw drop on your way into a game.  The hub includes a glass canopy top, with stairs and two sets of escalators for fans to enter the arena; which will bring you to Level 2.

I can speak from experience, going to a night game and seeing all the lights in the entry way truly starts off the ultimate fan experience.  Amy Latimer, President of the TD Garden, had this to say about the new entry way.

“When the old Boston Garden came down in 1997, there was an idea to develop that front parcel and to have a front door. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a front door up until now. So that’s been a big piece of just getting fans in and giving them a different path from the commuter.”

Latimer continues by saying:

”The good news about waiting is that we got to put in these new elevators, along with destination dispatch; when you can your ticket, it will tell you which elevator to use to reach your seat. These are a combination of the things that we needed. We’re a 23 year old building, so our thinking has been ‘how do we improve and keep building for the future?’”

It’s clear that Latimer, along with other superiors of the TD Garden, is completely on board with upgrading the arena and its facilities.  The NBA has some beautiful looking arenas spread throughout the country, some that I even call a ‘campus’.  The TD Garden needs to stay up-to-date with their competition.

If you’re someone who enjoys parking at the Garden, then it just got a whole lot easier.  Part of the “Legend Transformation” includes an additional 500 parking spots and two new elevators throughout the North Station Garage.

This becomes important when fans who aren’t familiar with the city of Boston, come to games and aren’t aware of their surroundings.  The Boston Celtics and Bruins are teams with a growing fan base and will have fans from all over the place attending games.

This “Legend Transformation” includes many upgrades throughout the entire arena.  Amy Latimer and her team realized the necessity of upgrading the arena.  Little by little, they eventually made a game plan and made it happen!  Not only should fans of the Celtics and Bruins be excited, but fans of the opposing teams should be excited to go to a game in Boston.

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