Sunday, March 29, 2020

With the regular season about to begin for the Boston Celtics, fans predictions have been circulating the internet.  The Celtic Center bloggers are no different. Here are our hopes and ideas of what this season will bring!

Prediction One: The Boston Celtics will have at least a 52-30, and up to a 59-23 record.

We’ve already had a preview of what this Boston Celtics team can do on the court without our starters playing to much. Naturally with a roster full of young guys, the C’s are considered a non-threat to the rest of the Eastern Conference, but when will this league learn that the Celtics are most dangerous when they’re considered the underdogs?  While everyone talks about Joel Embiid and the mighty Sixers or Giannis and the Bucks, look out for the guys in green to play like every game matters  and enter the post season as a second or third seed… and I don’t think the Finals are out of reach.

Prediction Two:  The Ball is Going to Move.

I think it’s safe to say the day of ISO play is behind us.  There will be no more hero-ballers stepping onto the court. Fans are going to see a unified front and doing what the Boston Celtics do best… move the ball and make plays.  I can’t wait to see Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward facilitate, the “Jays” get more touches and see that ball move in a beautifully choreographed way.

I expect to see Marcus Smart make those amazing winning plays and off-hand passes resulting in Carsen Edwards draining a few threes; and Time Lord alley-oops.  Regardless of who’s on the court, the ball will pass through their hands and keep the defense guessing where it’ll go next.

Prediction Three:  The Trade Deadline Will Bring In A New Big Man.

After the four preseason games, the Boston Celtics look to be an offensive team that will contend, however we are still lacking a defensive piece that is an absolute must.  I know it’s hard to think that way with Marcus Smart on our side, but the reality is we need a versatile big man, and Danny Ainge knows that.  Look to see a trade in February.

Exactly who, I don’t know. Perhaps the likes of Steve Adams?  What would the trade look like?  It’s hard to say what Danny is willing to offer, but as always, I will put my faith in the Trade Wizard to come out on top.

Prediction Four:  The All Stars Will Look A Lot Like Team USA.

This is not a far out prediction.  The Boston Celtics were well represented on Team USA this summer and for good reason.  Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum have the potential of putting up the points and filling the stat sheets that the league can’t overlook them.

I’ve always been partial to Marcus Smart and think an All Star game would only be better with his defensive prowess and fun spirit. Time will tell, but look to see a lot of shamrocks at Chicago’s United Center in 2020.

Prediction Five:  Jaylen Brown Will Show Us Why He’s Worth $115 Million.

It came as no surprise that Jaylen Brown turned down the initial $80 million dollar extension from the Celtics.  Many of us wanted to put our ear to the door as negotiations began, but even more of us knew that a deal would be made. Jaylen has always been a guy that puts in the work and will put the team’s success first.

With that being said, I’m expecting a lot more consistency from this young man and more defensive awareness as well. This contract makes me believe that Danny believes our young guys will be hanging banner 18 sooner rather than later.

Prediction Six:  This is the Last Season Gordon Hayward Will Be in Green.

Cue the boos and hisses, and I’ll duck behind the podium… but hear me out.  It’s not that I want him to go, but with the aforementioned Jaylen contract, it makes me believe that Gordon will be coming off the bench a little more than he would like. Even with the reports that he’s back to the Utah Hayward, I get the sense that Danny is looking to invest in our young guys; which leaves Gordon the odd man out.

I don’t see him opting in if his place on the team is just a role player and I don’t blame him. His talent should guarantee him a place anywhere in the NBA. I have nothing but love for #20 and will be sad to see him exit, but I definitely wish him well and great success wherever he lands.

Prediction Seven:  The Season is Going to Be FUN!

With the chemistry in full swing, these 82 games are going to be fun to watch regardless of the season’s outcome. These guys have a rapport that Boston fans have come to expect from our teams.  Smiles, team work, and four preseason wins leave us with nothing but hope.

It’s not going to be a drudgery when we turn on the TV and the only boos at the Garden will be after the announcement of a former point guard. It’s time to be proud to wear the green and white again Boston Celtics fans.

There’s many more things we can say we’re expecting to happen this year, but I’ll end here for now.  I fully trust all expectations will be exceeded and I plan to be front and center for the action.  Tune in, get your tickets and hop on the Shamrock Shuttle, it’s gonna be a great ride!

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