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Choosing between Kevin McHale and Kevin Garnett as my starter at the PF spot was not easy.

In picking my Top 10 All-Time Boston Celtics , I found the power forward slot choice to be the most difficult. Picking on Celticsbetween the two Kevins, Garnett and McHale, was a close one. I eventually went with Kevin Garnett as starter, backed up by Kevin McHale.

Kevin McHale played 13 seasons in the NBA, all with the Boston Celtics. He is a 3-Time NBA Champion, 7-Time All-Star and 3-Time All-Defensive First Team. Kevin Garnett played 20 seasons in the League, six of them with the Celtics. He is a 1-Time Champion, 1-Time League MVP, 1-Time All-Star MVP, 15-Time All-Star, 1-Time Player-of-the-Year, 4-Time Rebound Champ and 9-Time All-Defense First Team.

Their stats are remarkably similar. They both were scorers from in close – having little-to-no 3-point shot. And add superb rebounding and tough defense to their repertoires. Assists? Give the slight nod to Garnett with 3.4 APG (McHale with 2.7). But with Larry Bird and Dennis Johnson around, there frankly weren’t many assists available to McHale.

There is no wrong answer here. Take either one as starter, and you wouldn’t get too many arguments, but I go with Garnett as my starter. The Big Ticket was phenomenal. I think his high level of intensity was my deciding factor.

In short, Garnett’s length and versatility made the difference

It would be hard to point out a player who combines such skills, determination, intensity and length as Kevin Garnett. Smaller men may combine the first three factors I just listed, but if you add size to the equation – then you have The Big Ticket (Per SI’s  Leigh Montville )

Seldom seen on television due to the networks’ fascination with brand-name teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Utah Jazz, Garnett has become a modern rarity: an underhyped superstar. He is an undeniable force on the floor, an animated presence on offense and defense. In a game against the San Antonio Spurs in February he guarded David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Sean Elliott and Steve Kerr at different times. Garnett might be the most versatile player in basketball. He even has grown an inch, to 7 feet, although he still is listed at 6’11”.

What do you think?

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Tom Lane August 27, 2019 at 6:11 pm

Sal Mondello
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That is a tough one. I feel Mchale had more around him. Garnett was a game changer for this franchise. He was the guy. As much as Pierce was here first it was Garnett that changed the culture. Mchale never had to be top dog. He had Bird to carry that burden. I say KG

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