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Ten-Time All-Star, Carmelo Anthony just can’t find a slot in the NBA or USA Basketball

Nobody seems to want Carmelo Anthony any more. With 30 teams in the NBA, no organization has reached out to him. And now, USA Basketball has passed on the 35-year-old, 10-time All-Star.



“I felt like the game didn’t love me back at that point. … Now, I love the game too much to be away from it.”

–Carmelo Anthony on his free agency

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First, the NBA doesn’t want him back – and then, USA Basketball turns him down (per SI’s Chris Mannix):

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Carmelo Anthony expressed interest in playing for USA Basketball during the 2019 FIBA World Cup, USA Basketball Managing Director Jerry Colangelo told, but was told the team was moving forward with a new group.

In an interview on Wednesday, Colangelo expressed deep respect and appreciation for Anthony’s contributions to USA Basketball. The 2016 USA Basketball Co-Male Athlete of the Year, Anthony is arguably the greatest player in USA Basketball history. Anthony won a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics, following it up by helping the U.S. to three consecutive gold’s in ’08, ’12 and ’16.

According to Colangelo, Anthony requested a chance to play through a representative. Colangelo, though, believed it was time to move on.

For a player renowned in international competition, Melo may have seen the last of it. Still, it is puzzling to understand how one-of-30 NBA teams can’t find a slot for him. That could still happen. We wish him well.

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Tom Lane August 8, 2019 at 6:28 pm

Brother Andrej
Replying to
ever since joining the Knicks his career went downhill.
Perhaps his ego has a lot to do with it as well in terms of not accepting bench roles and insisting on starting despite not being in that position.
I almost feel sorry for him though because he’s not a terrible guy

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