Sunday, March 29, 2020

It’d be fair to say most Boston Celtics fans have already fallen in love with Enes Kanter’s wit, authenticity and charitable spirit. But what about the impact he’ll bring on the court?  The one uncertainty that encircles our new big man is, will he help us rebound after the loss of Horford?

Statistically speaking, Enes Kanter will literally help the Boston Celtics rebound.  Last season alone, Enes had 137 more offensive rebounds and 64 more defensive rebounds than Big Al. Gordon Hayward had said in a recent  interview:

“He [Kanter] is one of the best offensive rebounders in the league.”

This gives me hope that we will get a whole lot more second chance shots in the hands of Kemba and Tatum; and a lot more second chance opportunities out of our opponents hands.

We can argue that rebounds is the only place Kanter outshines Horford on the stat sheet. But let’s keep in mind that in one less game and 334 less minutes played than Big Al, Kanter has a 4.2% better field goal percentage, and only a 8.6% less free throw percentage.  Enes also had 63 less turnovers and 65 less personal fouls last season.

Defensive play is his biggest deficit, but… he’s never played for Brad Stevens or on the same team as Marcus Smart before either.  I don’t think it’ll be long before we see him blocking, stealing, assisting and blowing up the stat line!  I wouldn’t mind a few pretty Ally-oops in the mix either!

So for me, Enes is more than a rebound after a messy breakup.  He’s happy to be in Boston, he’s ready to learn from his coach and teammates and ready to make an impact with his talents.  I’m anxious to see him in action and perhaps one day, be the reason no one else wears number 11.


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