Saturday, June 6, 2020

With the first preseason game officially in the books, The Celtics Center wanted to hear fans opinions on what unfolded. It turned into a great episode.


Pre-season started with a win over the Hornets, it wasn’t an easy win by any means though. There were times when the Celtics fell behind, then pulled back. Where better to discuss this than The Celtics Center then?

With calls from Paul T, Aquino, Kevin and Keisha there was a good range of opinions on what unfolded at the TD Garden on Sunday. With topics ranging from Kanter’s first game, Brown’s inconsistent performance to Javonte Green’s immense fourth quarter – there was something for everyone.

Some of the callers where at the game while others watched from home, providing a good range of experiences for the listeners to draw upon. While Adam, Cody and Brenden tried to remain subjective and take the analytical approach – however, this was not always the case.

Rozier was also a topic that was mentioned also due to the team friendly style he displayed, upsetting really as this is not what the Celtics were used to last year. While the majority of callers had rave reviews regarding PJ Washington after he cooked the Celtics defense time and again.

There is also Brenden sounding like a deception, Cody reciting a poem about Baynes – oh man what a blast that poem is. Adam touches on movies for some unknown reason and much much more.

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