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Former Boston Celtics sharp shooter Ray Allen was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this past year. Where does Allen stand in Boston Celtics history?

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Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions, and I would never tell anyone otherwise.  One of the big reasons I’m becoming a sports writer is because I have strong opinions of my own that I want to be heard.  There is a stigma following the Boston Celtics and their fans in regards to Ray Allen.  I’m here to clear the air about it.

When the Boston Celtics brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the off season of the ‘07’08 season, the dynamic of the NBA started to change.  KG was already established as a dominant player in the league, as he won an MVP award in ’04.  Ray Allen was known as one of the greatest 3 point and clutch shooters in the NBA.

There’s no doubt that the Boston Celtics have a long battled rivalry with Lebron James and his teams over the years.  After winning a championship in ’08 with the C’s, Ray Allen lost all respect from Celtics Nation in 2012; when he decided to join forces with Lebron James in Miami.

I’m the type of person who likes to see things from “both sides of the fence” and understand the perspective of both parties.  We know that the team and Allen couldn’t agree on a new contract.  Did Ray Allen feel the same level of disrespect from the organization that he made Celtics fans feel by signing with the Heat?

It’s now been 11 years since Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen brought a championship back to Boston.  It’s also been 7 years since Ray Allen teamed up with Lebron James to win another NBA championship.  I’m curious to know, are Celtics fans still holding a grudge over Ray Allen joining the Heat?

The argument could be made that without Ray Allen in 2008, the Celtics do not win the NBA Finals.  That championship year, Allen averaged 18 points per game throughout the regular season and proved to be the most dominant and clutch shooter in the game.  So I want to know where Ray Allen stands in Boston Celtics history.

I ran a recent Twitter poll that stirred up some old feelings from the true “Green Teamers”.  I was hoping for unbiased opinions, as I am really curious to know how the fans really think.  These were my ending results:

I believe that Ray Allen was just as important to the championship team as Kevin Garnett was.  That Celtics team needed both Allen and Garnett, and wouldn’t have gotten the job done without them.  I also believe the Celtics left championships on the table by not negotiating a contract with Allen.

There is the ongoing conversation that KG changed the ‘culture’ here in Boston, and that’s why he is considered to be a greater Celtic.  I think winning championships changes the culture of an organization/team, and Ray Allen was part of that.

The Boston Celtics currently have 23 retired numbers up in their rafters.  It makes it difficult for players to choose a number their happy with because so many are unavailable.  It may be the “unpopular opinion” but it’s also my honest opinion:  I think it is unfair if KG’s number gets to the rafters and Allen’s doesn’t.

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Tom Lane September 9, 2019 at 6:39 am

I do agree that Ray Allen was vital in the 2008 Championship, but KG just drove that team to new heights. he was so intense, the rest just had to follow suit.

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