Thursday, May 21, 2020

Tacko Fall’s potential as a solid NBA player starts with his size. Anyone over 7-feet can be classified as a giant, but Tacko surpasses that. He is 7’7″ with an 8’2″ wingspan and a 10’2″ standing reach. He can cover an 8′-by-10′ wall just by spreading his feet and waving his arms. Shooting over him or passing around him will be a challenge for opponents.

But it doesn’t end there. He doesn’t run the floor like 6’9″ Bill Russell did, but he is not far behind. He is smooth and fluid for a (very) big man. And he has soft hands to catch and retain a pass and place it (yes, place it) in the basket. Is he destined to become a true NBA player? A Celtics staffer thinks so (per Yahoo Sports Ben Rohrbach):

Asked a Celtics staffer if Tacko Fall is an NBA player. The response: “I think he’s worth an investment for sure. If he improves this season anywhere close to his improvement the last few months then I think it’s hard to argue against him.” He’s been in Boston working all week.

During Summer League, I watched as Fall covered opponents out by the foul line. He moved quite well out there, particularly for a man his size. Can he shoot from any distance? Not really – not yet, but I watched as he did a pivot move and sank a jump hook from about 10-feet out. Barring injury, expect him to improve. Danny Ainge needs to lock this Green Giant in, with at least a G-League contract. But it may require a 2-way or standard deal to keep him on board. Rival General Mangers have certainly taken notice of Tacko.  He is tough to miss.

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Adam Taylor July 22, 2019 at 2:04 pm

Fall the Wall. He stands tall (literally), but I mean he stands quite straight which is good for a person his height. He moves quite well & his turnaround jumper looked like Kevin Garnett’s. Tommy Heinsohn would love him. Give him the ball, let him go to work in the paint!

– @BriGGySmaLLzb on Twitter

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