Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Marcus Smart keeps transitioning as a player and potential leader of the Boston Celtics. 

This is not about the Kyrie Irving saga that won’t die. I promised to put that to bed. This is about Marcus Smart-as-potential-Celtics-leader. I will make no comment on Smart’s 2-minute analysis of Kyrie’s part in the frustrating 2018-19 season. The video speaks for itself.



.@smart_MS3 sets the record straight on Kyrie Irving’s time with the Celtics.

(via @Rachel__Nichols)

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You da real one, Smarty

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My point here is that I am a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Marcus. I have marveled at his transition from a reckless kid turned loose on the hardwood to a professional veteran who constantly makes winning plays. The theme of his analysis was that every part of the Celtics organization failed to meet their standards last season. He points no fingers at any specific individual – player, coach or exec.

Dante Turo@DanteOnDeck

Marcus Smart explaining last season in the best way possible. Smart is the leader that the Celtics need.

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As Chicinthegeek indicates in the top tweet, Smart is “da real one”. I love his rendition and the manner in which he delivered it. I see him as a leader, maybe even team Captain – or possibly co-captain with Kemba Walker. Players have come and gone during Marcus’ Boston tenure. He remains – and for good reason. He re-signed with the Celtics for what will be a bargain for the team. Danny Ainge loves this guy. It’s Smarty Time in Boston. I can’t envision him anywhere else.

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