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The group slated to compete in China lost, 36-17. Gregg Popovich can’t be happy.

This could very well be a case of over-complacency. Anyone that has played the game of basketball knows it happens. You are on a team of stars and lose to a group of subs. That seems to be what happened to the USA Basketball squad in their 36-17 loss in a scrimmage against what-was-supposed-to-be inferior talent.

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Should Team USA — and Team Shamrock — worry about a 37-19 blowout? 

Should Team USA — and Team Shamrock — worry about a 37-19 blowout?

This iteration of Team USA is far from the team that Gregg Popovich and company thought they would have.

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Jonathan Givony


This team just defeated the USA Basketball squad headed to China 36-17 in a scrimmage. Are we sure we’re sending the right team? 

Jonathan Givony


Here’s the LA Select Team roster USA Basketball assembled, mostly from the FIBA World Cup qualifiers, currently scrimmaging in LA tonight versus the 15 NBA players vying to make the World Cup Team. Cool to see USA Basketball reward some of the guys that helped get them to China.

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Marcus Smart did not participate as he is still nursing a calf issue, but he did call out his fellow-USA teammates for failing to deliver. “C’mon guys, this is embarrassing” is what he had to say to them.

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All you had to was ask. FYI, why I’m a huge Marcus Smart fan: he was the only one willing to speak up and call it for what it was. “C’mon guys, this is embarrassing!” 

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Replying to @TheSteinLine

And now the official OFFICIAL word sent to us via @NotoriousOHM is that the has-been from the NYT wasn’t seeing things after all and a scrimmage that probably did not merit three-tweet coverage indeed finished 36-17. Officially

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Flash back to last season. The Celtics got off to a slow start and often started games the same way – sluggish. Marcus Smart was inserted into the starting lineup to inject energy right out of the gate. Boston quickly went on an 8-game winning streak. We probably would have witnessed the same effect on Team USA had he been able to play.  You can bet Gregg Popovich is not particularly thrilled with his supposed A-Team crew. I doubt we will see that lack of effort and energy again.

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