Saturday, June 6, 2020

Brian Robb joins The Celtics Center for this episode, Brian is an established member of the Celtics media who has covered the team for 10 + years.


Brenden and Cody hosted this podcast, covering for Adam who was unable to make it. They were joined by Celtics media veteran Brian Robb (B-Robb) as he is known online. Brian started his career writing for ESPN’S True Hoop Network along with Zach Lowe, he then moved on to write for multiple outlets before founding Boston Sports Journal.

During the episode the guys cover;

  • The early years of Brian’s Career
  • Brian’s favourite players he has met
  • Breakdown what each 5 brings to the team
  • How Grant Williams is the most outgoing rookie
  • Jaylen Brown’s contract and what he may be worth
  • + Much More

It was great to have Brian as a guest on the for this episode. He brings a veteran media perspective to the show, and enlightens us on what he thinks are the good and bad qualities of this team as we edge closer to the season.

With three podcasts a week, The Celtics Center aims to bring you quality content covering the team you know and love. Run by avid fans, and supplemented by an excellent blog writing team – we try to provide you with a delightful experience on a regular basis.

A special thank you also goes out to Brenden and Cody for covering for Adam on this show, as Adam is usually always available. He will be back for the next one and is working on some new ideas to keep the show entertaining for you moving forwards.

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