Saturday, June 6, 2020

Max Lederman from NBC Sports Boston joins The Celtics Center in an instant reaction to the Jaylen Brown contract news breaking.

Max joined The Celtics Center to originally preview the Sixers opening day game, however, less than 15 minutes into the podcast the Jaylen Brown contract news broke. This lead to the topic of the podcast changing directions almost instantly. Adam and Brenden cover a multitude of topics with Max, ranging from Brown’s contract and its reported intricacies such as the no team or player option.

We then look at what that could mean for Gordon Hayward and if he now becomes a tradeable asset or if it becomes a waiting game to see how his progression goes over the season. What about Romeo Langford? does this block his path to future first-team status? or he is a long term project that projects more like a ball-handler anyway?

During the podcast, other contract extensions were breaking, such as Sabonis. So we obviously discussed the type of deals that were originally being discussed when rumors surfaced saying Sabonis was on the trade block. Maybe now Indiana is looking at moving Turner? – we wish!!

We did plan on this podcast to cover the upcoming Sixers games, and as such the opening segment does cover Al Horford and the difference in his role now he is in Philly compared to when he was in Boston. As Max is a Sixers fan who covers the Celtics, it is fitting we had him on to discuss this. Max is uniquely placed to give an unbiased and well-informed analysis of this.

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