Saturday, June 6, 2020

Louis Zatzman joins The Celtics Center podcast to preview the upcoming game vs Toronto. Some insight into the reigning champs seems a smart idea.

It may only be game two of the NBA season, but The Celtics Center is already bringing you the key points to look out for. Louis Zatzman is a beat reporter for Raptors Republic, who is around the team before and after games.

During the episode, Adam and Louis discuss;

  • Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet’s big night against New Orleans
  • Are Toronto hard staggering Lowry and Siakam
  • Is RHJ injured?
  • And when RHJ comes back (if he is hurt) does he just takes those mins from Davis?
  • Expectations for VanVleet this year
  • Marc Gasol’s struggles when defending stretch big’s
  • Are the Raptors a strong rebounding team or did New Orleans  just suck
  • One point they briefly had Siakam-Ibaka-Gasol in the lineup
  • And then Lowry-FVV-Powell-OG
  • So they can go both super small or super big – is this by design?
  • Nick Nurses time coaching in England
  • Key match-ups for Toronto
  • Key match-ups for Boston
  • Brown and Tatum both showing promise
  • Hayward could be troublesome
  • Could Theis give Gasol trouble due to his floor stretching ability?
  • Kemba usually smokes Toronto
  • Siakam could really hurt Boston on the interior

A tough start for Boston, playing both Philly and Toronto in their first two games. This should provide a good insight in to what this team is capable of this year.

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