Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Athletic’s Mike Vorkunov joins The Celtics Center Podcast to preview the upcoming rematch between the Celtics and Knicks

Following on from Jonathan Macri’s appearance in the previous episode, Adam is joined on The Celtics Center Podcast by The Atheltic’s Knicks cover Mike Vorkunov.

Mike is a beat writer covering the Knicks who is in and around the locker room, so he was able to provide great insight into what to expect in the upcoming rematch following the Knicks loss in the previous meeting between these two teams.

During this episode Mike’s audio quality is a little poor, however, this doesn’t take away from the good content he is providing with a great insight.

We cover;

  • Rotations
  • Lineup Changes
  • Scheme changes
  • RJ could go off? his game from the night before was incredible
  • Mook’s return to the TD Garden
  • Kemba could do damage again
  • Jaylen and Kanter are both out injured
  • What to expect from both teams
  • What it’s like to cover a team such as the Knicks

The Celtics would go on to win this game, and the preview was a perfect way to lead into the match-up. Where possible we will continue to do these previews so that our listeners can continue to watch games with an ability to pinpoint what we have mentioned on the court.

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