Saturday, June 6, 2020

Two weeks into the new season, The Celtics Center Podcast team get together for their first ever round table. This was a fun episode, i mean really fun.

The Celtics Center Podcast team, for those of you who don’t know consists of Adam Taylor (host), Brenden Nunes, Cody Chalifoux, Britt and Tim Sheils. This episode marks the first time all of them have been on a podcast together.

It was a fun one, where caution and planning were threw to the wind. Less information was passed around than usual, but the comedy factor was through the roof.

The guys started by discussing their personal stories of interacting with NBA players both past and present, Then Britt decided to talk baseball and the Yankee’s so we had to shut that shit down quick – i mean, who the fuck likes the Yankee’s? Am i right?

The guys then proceeded to give an overview of the Celtics upcoming months fixtures, pointing out the winnable games while taking a few minutes on each of these teams to discuss what players could cause a problem – if any.

As usual Brenden was getting some stick from the guys for being a Kings fan, while Adam was trying to keep the conversation flowing in the correct direction.

The episode ran for almost an hour, and none of us could tell you ever topic we covered – we where just shooting the breeze about a team we know and love so much.

It all got wrapped up with another Cody poem, this time about Romeo Langford – and no it didn’t start with “Oh Romeo”.

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