Saturday, June 6, 2020

In this episode of The Celtics Center Podcast, we are joined by Celtics Blog’s draft expert Max Carlin. Max has just completed his first draft big-board of the season and joins us to discuss Boston’s options.


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Celtics Blog’s Max Carlin joins The Celtics Center Podcast to discuss options available to the Celtics during next year’s draft. Max is a college basketball expert and provides great insight into what players could fit the Celtics system next year, we specifically look at players who will likely be available in the mid to late twenties range as the Celtics have their own pick and the Bucks pick which could both land in that region.

Brenden gets Max’s thoughts on the overall quality of the draft in general, where the sharp decline in talent level will occur and if it levels out or continues to fall off at a sharp rate. Who does Max have at first and second pick locks? is that subject to change as the collegiate season progresses?

Cody then leads into Max’s opinion on the current rookies on the Celtics roster, most notably Romeo Langford and Grant Williams. Will Romeo come good? is the spell in Maine what he needs right now and will he fight his way back onto the main roster this year? What has Max seen from Grant Williams so far that he is pleased with? considering he was a big advocate for the Celtics drafting Williams, does he feel it is working out?

We couldn’t have Max on without discussing his feelings around Jaylen Brown’s extension too, so make sure you listen through the whole episode to hear what he has seen so far this year from Brown and what he expects to be the scenario in the coming seasons.

Much more was covered during the episode, but if I told you all of it why would you need to listen?

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