Saturday, June 6, 2020

Kyle Draper is the face of the Boston Celtics for NBC Boston, also covering as a play-by-play commentator on occasion. He joined the Celtics Center for a special Guest appearance.


Kyle was nice enough to agree to do a podcast with Adam on The Celtics Center, following Kyle’s return to Boston from his trip to London. At the start of the podcast, it turns out Kyle has also visited Adam’s home town in England – small world huh?

Moving into basketball, the guys cover Media Day and what Kyle’s takeaways from this were. Then they move onto Enes Kanter and what his personality can do to influence a good atmosphere among his teammates, it also turns out Kyle didn’t get one of Kanter’s cookies at media day – but according to Sam Packard, Kyle isn’t missing much there.

As usual, Adam is keen to get the guest’s opinion on what type of defensive schemes may be used to start the year and get an opinion on if Kanter has just been used incorrectly on defense in the past. After a brief discussion regarding Kanter’s ability playing show defense, Kyle goes into some details of conversations he has had with Tommy after games (you will need to listen to find out what these conversations are though).

Finally, the guys discussed who the most “slept on” player in the Celtics roster could be, Adam, as usual, opted for Carsen Edwards. Shockingly though, Kyle agreed. Both believe that Edwards is capable of out-performing his draft position while earning a larger role in the rotation as the season progresses. Kyle actually went on to say he believes Edwards may win the Celtics “two or three” games this year from the bench.

It was great to have a guest who is so synonymous with the team like Kyle, hopefully, this won’t be the last time he makes an appearance on the show.

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