Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sam “Jam” Packard joins Adam and Brenden on The Celtics Center Podcast, focusing on the Boston Celtics media day.


Disappointing, Boring – That was Sam’s review on the Boston Celtics media day, he told us about it on The Celtics Center podcast. He was joking of course, displaying his unique but hilarious sense of humour right out the gates.

Sam provided solid insight though, sitting next to Kanter’s locker pre-game is apparently where you will find him this year. While he will be on the look out for another content gold mine, Sam is just enjoying the new opportunities available to him. As you may already know, he will be embarking on a new podcast journey along with Jay King under the Athletic – we wish them luck!

Start, Bench, Cut took place, as it has with every guest this summer. Sam had an aversion to picking players of yester-year though. Clearly preferring players with a more modern style of basketball.

In fact, he doesn’t believe Cousey would be able to play in the modern era. Nor did he have room for John Havlicek. He did make room for the legends of Larry Bird and Bill Russell though. It would be interesting to hear John Karalis’s opinion on Sam’s disdain for Cousey’s handles though – if only huh!?

All-in-all Sam was an amazing guest, bringing his unique blend of humour and analytics to The Celtics Center. Hopefully this wont be the only time he agrees to make an appearance on the show. The best way to ensure that is to listen and tweet about it!

With the new season fast approaching, we have a few more guests lined up for you all. After which we will begin our new show schedule which will be announced shortly.

Thank you all for supporting the show and listening to us, we can’t wait for the season to start!  Catch you later in the week guys.


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