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Commissioner Adam Silver needs to seriously consider this move. John needs to be kept in our memories, at least once every year.

This is not the first time I have broached this subject. I am making it a campaign. John Havlicek may not have been the first well-known sixth man, but he is the most popular. For several years, Red Auerbach made Hondo the first player off the bench, although he would often have him start games in the post-season. Here are the results of my earlier April Twitter poll broaching having Havlicek’s name on the award.

Tom Lane@CelticsSentinel

Should the NBA 6th-Man-of-the-Year Award be named after the late, great John Havlicek?

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John passed away earlier this year at the age of 79, and I am sad that he never got to present an award in his name while he lived. But it is never too late for the 8-Time Champion and 13-Time All Star to be recognized.

There is one problem. Two NBA awards are already named after former Celtics – The Red Auerbach trophy for NBA Coach-of-the-Year and the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award. I can hear rival general managers even now if this happens. But I don’t care. And besides, John was truly respected League-wide – and loved by most who knew him.

Seen enough? Vote in my new Twitter poll. I am pulling for my colleagues at The Celtics Center to broach this matter in their terrific podcast:

The Celtics Center@_Celtics_Center

In case you missed it yesterday! A great interview with @Tom_NBA – available on all major platforms! https://twitter.com/_celtics_center/status/1161599424461713410 

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☘️ Special Guest @Tom_NBA

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☘️Start Bench Cut

☘️Tom was an awesome guest and made this episode great! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-celtics-center/id1468503277#episodeGuid=ac6e1c2f-75fb-103e-a438-6b823f8cd853 

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Please support this campaign. John Havlicek was as fine a player and gentleman as ever took to the hardwood. This would be a great way to keep him in our memories, at least every year.

Tom Lane@CelticsSentinel

The NBA 6th-Man-of-the-Year Award needs to be named after the late, great John Havlicek. Please give us your vote.

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